Extremely heavy rain is moving down the Interstate 270 corridor. Downpours have begun in Germantown and Gaithersburg. The heavy rain will hit Rockville in the next 15 minutes. But more importantly, we need to stop comparing ourselves to those in magazines, on tv, on the big screen. We are not like them, and thank goodness we are not. But you know what, the actors playing the characters aren’t even like them.

Having lived in Vancouver for the last 8 months, I can say that I have never lived somewhere so hostile on a daily basis. I have had my truck spit on, drivers scream at me when they not honking their horn and flipping me the bird, had people prevent me from slowing down for a yellow light, and many other things clearly expressing a violent nature. Last night riot was no more embarrassing for Vancouver than an alcoholic passing out in public.

The most improved player in the league, Issac Austin, didn’t play a single minute in two of the games against the Pistons. Riley played Dan Majerle to death Sunday and didn’t use Keith Askins for one second. Monday night in Game 4, Majerle sat until almost the fourth quarter, Askins played early, and even Willie (DNP Coach’s Decision) Anderson got a call.

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FDA initially approved the scopolamine patch, distributed under the brand name Transderm Scop by Novartis Consumer Health in New Jersey and manufactured by ALZA Corporation of Palo Alto, CA, in December 1979 as a prescription drug to prevent nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness. Following the manufacturer’s removal of the product from the marketplace in 1994 due to manufacturing problems, FDA approved the drug again on Oct. 27, 1997, for the additional indication of preventing nausea and vomiting during or after surgery..

There about two and a half hours walking involved, all in all, and there be a break half way through as usual. Walkers can expect to be back at the community centre for about 3.30 4pm. The first half of the walk is mostly uphill we be ascending around 140 meters but that spread over an hour so it shouldn be too challenging.