It’s about 110 miles from Los Angeles City Hall to Palm Springs a few miles longer than the drive to downtown Santa Barbara, a few miles shorter than the drive to downtown San Diego. But the light here is different from that on the coast. The pace is different.

In terms of NHL translatable skills, he has a real intriguing skill set but for whatever reason he just wasn able to turn that into a dominant OHL season as a promising young prospect. In fact, the most goals he scored in one season was only 26, and he finished with a pedestrian 61 goals for his entire OHL career. He also had only 194 points in 261 career games.

When Google+ appeared it took me only a couple of days to figure out that it was a bunch of opinion silos for the marketers who gathered there and that anything OT was going to be ignored. It was a waste of time, so why it lasted so long was a sign of arrogance of Google, especially when as long ago as 2007 Google steadfastly refused to allow for Markdown Format on its forums, and did not allow for a robust USENET interface to the text only newsgroups it carried. From that point on I realized that Google motto “Do No Evil” was a cynical lie and it was passed on to most social mediacompanies as a cleaver way to allow for marketing types to act as censors.

Culturally, Canadians are more conservative leaning in their investing and in 2018, weighted 33 per cent of their ETF portfolios toward fixed income, according to a National Bank of Canada report. Investors are putting 18 per cent of their ETF portfolios in bonds. According to BMO, fixed income ETFs have generated $5.4 billion in net new assets this year, while investors have placed just $1.9 billion in those that are equities based..

One thing the article didn mention, that would be interesting to consider is the inflation rate of tuition from the time he was 17 until the time he graduated. I estimating based on other research that it was likely between 8% 10%. Even if he had looked at salaries originally, then backed in to the price using normal (not education) inflation, he would have dramatically underestimated his exit cost..

Propofol is a bad drug and I can offer personal experience my own. I was given Propofol during a biopsy procedure and it caused me to have a seizure on the operating table. Sadly, there are drugs out there that should not be administered and this may be one of them.

On mid range cheap travel: if you are going to go through Expedia et al. (I’ve never had a problem but I know others who have), it’s surprising how good the combined flight + hotel deals can be. On a recent trip to Philly, for example, it was a few hundred bucks cheaper to get one of those (3.5 hotel) on Expedia than to purchase a flight and a separate AirBnb..