“In every conversation about wealth, income disparity, and justice, we need to talk about Economic Policy Institute finding that a family of four in Memphis requires a minimum of $37,000 annually to get by about 1 percent more than the current median income for African American families. “If someone were to work for $18 an hour without taking any time off, 40 hours a week for 52 weeks, that comes to a little over $37,000,” she says. “So when the city approves PILOT programs on the premise that they’ll bring us jobs that pay $12 an hour, we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do.” As the Brookings report says: No real progress can be made “if you create access to poor paying jobs or create middle wage jobs excluded communities can’t access.”.

While I found all of this an amazing accomplishment, what I found the absolute most admirable was her perspective about the whole experience. Throughout the day, we got to hang out with her and hear different stories about boot camp. At one point, she summarized it as “that was a good time.” I stopped in my tracks when she said it and just looked at her with awe..

Pictured is Krissy Watts, Oakley the dog and resident Janie Roads.The theraputic benefits of the dog’s visits have astounded staff. Pictured is Doreen Webster with Alfie.Krissy Watts, head of care, said: “Bringing my chihuahuas into the home initially happened by chance.”The first day I got Oakley I brought him into the home because I needed to take him to the vets at the end of my shift. But the residents just fell in love with him and it became a regular thing.

Thank you fans for singing and dancing along. We wrote this and recorded it all in the same day and knew we had caught lightning. This is one of the proudest days in the history of our band.just an amazing band, one of our favourites for sure, said Barker.

Old Testament stuff: The Old Testament is to be read through Christ. We should be interpreting everything through the “lens of Christ”. The OT is useful in so far as it teaches us about our relationship with sin and temptation (all the war stories), our relationship with Christ (all the stories of people being saved from things), and so on.

Austin Scott, towering yet lanky, is built for the role he’s imposing but he looks like Hercules Mulligan or James Madison could blow him down in a rap battle. Scott, who has a sweet soaring voice, spars well with the broad shouldered, brooding Josh Tower as his frenemy Aaron Burr. Where both men shine brightest is in their eloquent love for family duet “Dear Theodosia” near the end of “Hamilton”‘s madly mood swinging first act.