One of our most popular features is back for another week. Flashback Friday, your opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, is here once again. Each week we trawl through the archives to bring you a gallery of all the social events that were going on in our fine city in this month in years gone by.

Do your part to protect yourself if you feel like a deal is too good to be true, it usually is.Work at home scams. Be very skeptical of any “company” that advertises a work at home opportunity and requires advance payment or deposits on items or services. Be skeptical of earnings claims that sound too good to be true.Customs scams.

Try talking to your neighbors about lighting issues around the neighborhood. If they seem resistant, don’t force the issue. However, if it’s an issue of light trespass from your neighbor onto your property, it is neighborly thing to approach them and politely request a change in their lighting system and explain how it’s causing a problem for you.

This is encouraging, but, in my view, the key is to look for same store sales growth in retailers that sell non essential goods or what are known as durable goods. Increases here show that consumers are spending on goods and services that are non essential. These include electronics, appliances, furniture, autos, and other big ticket items..

Jazz records and original Broadway cast and movie soundtracks tend to provide a more active market and greater value. Also, early rhythm and blues records and the doo wop sound are highly valued and collectible. Among classical records, the most valuable are orchestral performances, then solo instrumental, chamber music and concertos, solo vocal and operatic arias, and finally, complete operas.

If you looking for a good machine that saves space then for the price this is a great deal. Ft. Countertop Microwave Black My old Kenmore 1.6 cu ft microwave died after 17 years of service. I really came here to mention the shoes. I tried black pumps with my black gown and found that the look was very overwhelming since my legs are already so short and the grad gowns are rather long. In the end I went with a round toed nude pump to lengthen the look of my legs and tone down the dark shades.

Lots of love to your whole family. Roy and Janice, your always in our heartsxoxoxAlthough I did not know you each personally, Tara always speaks of her times with your family friends(crew). I wanted to express my sincere sympathy as you deal with such a great loss.