MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System), a rotational technology that’s increasingly becoming an industry standard for snow helmets. The system essentially uses a smooth layer under the shell set on a slip plane that allows the layer to slide with your head upon impact, mimicking your brain’s protective layer of fluids. The system essentially uses a smooth layer under the shell set on a slip plane that allows the layer to slide with your head upon impact, mimicking your brain’s protective layer of fluids.

There Be GiantsArchaeologists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, who excavated the site, discovered a rather strange tooth. It is bigger than any modern human tooth. And even stranger, it is also bigger than a Neanderthal tooth! It seems from this deduction, that this new breed were much larger than modern humans and their Neanderthal counterparts!.

Now to the question of change. Many things have been visibly and audibly updated for the latest film version of Annie. After all, the original story is based on the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt as president? Would you complain if they did the same to Les Miserable, and what about the big hit, Hamilton, now how would you alter that time period? Although I’m sure someday it will happen, Hamilton would be dramatically altered if the chemistry changed in any way.

5. Golden TimeWith his past forgotten and his longstanding personality gone and changed, Tada Banri is trying to get over his accident and start his life anew as a student in a law school in Tokyo. And boy was his decision to move to Tokyo and study right! The moment he started school, brand new memorable experiences begin to mold themselves! Most memorable of all is the classy, pretty girl, Kaga Kouko!.

Send ships, Ukraine urges Nato following clash with RussiaIt’s not a member state, but Nato has expressed “full support” for Ukraine after Russia seized three of its boats in a confrontation off the coast of Crimea. But Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, has urged the 29 country military alliance to go further by sending ships into the area to help. Nato did not immediately respond to Mr Poroshenko’s latest statement.

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