Perhaps predictably, she didn’t take on any of the negative stories about her, ignoring not just her daughter’s pregnancy but her own Troopergate, as well as the smaller revelations unrolling in the last few days: that she fired the police chief of Wasilla, and allegedly tried to ax the town librarian for not helping her ban books she found offensive. She didn’t try to explain the many contradictions in her limited public record: She was for the infamous Alaska “Bridge to Nowhere” before she was against it. She was a supporter of disgraced Sen.

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It was partly inspired by her mother’s recollections of the Second World War.It tells of a young evacuee called Willie Beech who, in the village of Little Weirwold, finds a very different world to that of his London home where he has been abused by his mother.He is sent to the home of ‘Mister Tom’, as Willie calls his new guardian, who is a bad tempered loner.A relationship develops as Tom comes to understand more about the home life of the skinny, badly clad boy with the bruises. Willie learns more about the pain and loss in Tom’s past he lost his wife and baby and the pair start to change each other for the better.There’s another tragic character in the story, Willie’s friend and fellow evacuee, Zach, who is Jewish.The synopsis hints at a tough tale but the magic of Magorian’s writing is clearly also present in that of David Wood, one of Britain’s foremost children’s dramatists.Goodnight Mister Tom won an Olivier Award (best new family show) in 2013.David Troughton (Tom Oakley) and Elisa de Grey (puppeteer for Sammy the dog) in Goodnight Mister TomAnd it has a persuasive advocate in David Troughton, a popular actor who has been a regular visitor to the North East with the Royal Shakespeare Company and is currently enjoying a run in The Archers on BBC Radio 4.”Michelle Magorian wrote this wonderful book which is almost Dickensian in its characterisations, situations and emotions. David (Wood) has taken the essence of that and made a show which fits into two hours.”It’s a play about grief and how people cope with that.