A bit late for Sunday and maybe not directly game related, but on Raikou day, me and a group of other players, were doing the last raid up in town which was about 5 min down a nature trail and next to a large metal boat (put there to educate about the logging industry beginnings in town). This is context for how as we were finishing up and chatting, a family with some kids came by and the older kid, maybe around 10 and wearing a fedora, decided to stop and lecture us about how we shouldn be on our phones in nature, in his opinion. There were 5 of us, and only me and one dude were under 50, and this little shit decides to tell off a bunch of adults for playing a game and clearly having a pleasant time? Confidence goals, I guess?.

On the subject of a new city planning director, the council was asked why information had been published,notablyon Berkeleyside, about an appointment without due public proces. Answering off brief, Mayor Bates said no appointment had yet been made. He said he had met the mooted candidate, Eric Angstadt, currently Oakland’s deputy director of planning and zoning,briefly in Oakland recently, but had not discussed the position..

Lassen is hiking seemingly forever on dusty trails, backpack digging into the shoulders, tired and grumpy and hot, and coming along Lower Twin Lakes where an exotic visual treat is displayed. Twenty or thirty little black and yellow garter snakes, recently out from hibernation, lie sprawled and swirled across each other on an old fallen log near the water’s edge: doing what I love to do, soaking up some rays. And Lassen is dozens of damselflies, smaller cousins of dragonflies, each a piece of summer’s blue sky, buzzing and flying in shimmering clouds among the reeds.

Curious he turned his attention to a fossil feather and realized it too had these pigment molecules. So what color was this feathered dinosaur? Black with an iridescent sheen, probably much like the grackle pictured below. Since this discovery others have worked on the issue and they are now pioneering new techniques using a scanning electron microscope.

When asked what caused his firing, Linton told BNN Bloomberg that it was me, adding that he doesn always think idea is a good idea. You think of how he ran the company, Linton leaves Canopy with his legacy intact (and a fortune in shares), as Aurora Cannabis Inc. Chief Corporate Officer Cam Battley tweeted:.

So, here’s the summary. Despite the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL appearing to be appealing phones, the price would ultimately decide whether the Pixel 3a will find takers. If Google gets the price right, the Pixel 3a can be a game changer in the mid range segment with its flagship grade camera and great software experience.