The bare minimum is that they have empathy and that they care. All this “I just a stupid man how could I have known?” nonsense is a cover for people who are completely self interested and don want to have to think about others. That why you look at the actions themselves and not the excuses.

These issues apply to a number of countries. They seem insurmountable as the result of poor demographics and of the inherent nature of democracies: politicians are encouraged to increase debt to pay for free healthcare and generous state pensions. As Jean Claude Junker, now the president of the European Commission, put it when he was prime minister of Luxembourg: all know what we have to do.

PROPOS DES AUTEURSCe livre est le fruit d’une collaboration, celle de Tania Retchisky, experte en communication digitale, et de Catherine Delaby conceptrice rdactrice et auteur. Traversant une priode de vie difficile, Tania Retchisky dcide de sinstaller devant son clavier pour livrer son fils des messages sous une forme originale : un roman dapprentissage. Lhistoire de Soul of Mystery reprend les codes du storytelling utiliss sur les rseaux sociaux.

Bloom’s paintings both appall and astonish. They are ignited by hot, streaming colors that feather their surfaces like flames, consuming and transmuting the poor bodies they depict into something iridescent and ethereal. The paintings, along with a selection of dazzling, large scale drawings, are the subject of a superb, long awaited show, “Hyman Bloom: Matters of Life and Death” at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

If you have a spungy mop, then do the same thing. Loads of sticky tape or paper. You will be amazed at how much dust and dirt comes up.. Yet millions more find it hard or impossible to save, largely for reasons beyond their control. They are casualties of broad economic, social and other forces, from high unemployment, stagnant income and spiraling health care costs to eroding labor protections and rising income inequality. Behind these currents, as always, are political choices we make as a nation, along with the deep pocketed special interests that steer public policy in ways that may not align with the common good.

Families are fined for breaking laws that don’t even exist. I’ve fought for lower utility rates for our families and held companies accountable for scamming our seniors. In total, I’ve recovered $1 billion for taxpayers from pharmaceutical, utility, insurance, and other companies that committed fraud. That is real accountability.