The Big3, which features former NBA stars like Allen Iverson, Charles Oakley, Chauncey Billups and Gary Payton, is in its inaugural season. After seeing the majority of players hoop for the first time in years, it’s time to rank the top 10 players participating in the three on three league.Criteria focuses primarily on career accolades (both team and individual), stat totals, NBA longevity and current age. With that in mind, here are a few guys who just missed the cut: Ricky Davis, Larry Hughes, Jason Williams and Deshawn Stevenson.MORE: Everything you need to know about the new Big3 leagueSo, who are the best 10 players competing in the Big 3? Find out:(Sorry fans of flashy guards with terrible career field goal percentages, this list might not be for you).McCants played only five NBA seasons, and he barelycracked double digit scoring.

Exploring different units and considering their particular functions would be a great beginning. One of the best things about shopping for kitchen tools online is that you can conveniently check on product standards and properties, in order to make a well informed decision. Once you have chosen the top 5 or so cookers, it is time to narrow down the options further by examining their costs..

Then try to deny Brown’s place at the forefront of pop music today. It can’t be done, because James Brown is history. Let the record show that, to my surprise, I found Get On Up superior to Boyhood in pretty much every way. But where they’ve put themselves within easy reach of playing out the string only serves as a depressing backdrop for what this weekend should be about. The last time the Mets hosted the Phillies was also the last time the Mets spent a day with a share of first place. Then Jacob Rhame plunked Rhy Hoskins, and Hoskins punked Rhame the next night, and then came the four games in Philly last week that shoveled dirt on the remains of the Mets’ season..

Since that day, I have only and I mean ONLY worn one piece bathers in public or very high waisted bikinis even when I in my own backyard. All my normal bikinis went in the bin. That picture alongside that caption made me feel horrendous. Plan at least one fin fish meal for this week. Fish with fins especially salmon, sardines and anchovies are rich sources of brain healthy (and heart healthy) omega 3 fatty acids. If you enjoy shellfish, have it in addition to not instead of your one fin fish meal..

Just cause some aren brats doesn mean the attitude isn there. That Walnut attitude is real, and tangible, and it not the students fault. The administration cares two shits about the kids as people, their focus is purely statistical outcomes. 2, a two lane highway in the tiny North Woods community of Randolph. The pickup truck caught fire, and witnesses described a scene as bystanders tried to help the injured amid shattered motorcycles.This weekend long planned of the Bikes ceremony an hour to the north of the accident was expected to be especially emotional this year. Meanwhile, members of the motorcycle community had already begun organizing help for the victims families, said Cat Wilson, who organizes a motorcycle charity event in Massachusetts and is a friend of some of the crash victims.Investigators on Saturday identified the pickup driver as Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, an employee of Westfield Transport, a company in Springfield, Massachusetts.