If you added on a riding jacket over that they be falling out in no time.Even if they did wear full gear and a vest now think about the fact that a motorcycle cop is still a cop and has to do cop shit like chase people on foot, fight people, draw their gun, etc. All of our normal gear gets in the way already, now add on riding gear and it would be near impossible. You run 50 meters in a minute and then die of heat exhaustion.Uhhh I don know where you are but here in NC, where I a certified chemical analyst (meaning I can perform breath tests), this is a terrible idea.

Munster hopes of having a national cup winner remain intact elsewhere with both C of I and Bandon reaching Irish Hockey Trophy finals. The Rochestown girls drew 1 1 at Larne but prevailed on penalty strokes to get a chance to defend their crown against Galway next month, while Bandon last year beaten finalists are back in the decider after Darren Beamish, David Jennings and Dave Smith helped them to a 3 1 success at Raphoe. They meet Clontarf, who edged Fingal 3 2..

Flatlock stitching and ergonomically placed seams reduce frictionpoints. 6 oz/yd fabric weight. Mock neck. Short raglan sleeves. Straight hem with boardshort connector tab to maintain coverage. Logo print at the chest and collar back. THE GOLDEN ERA ?In my introduction I suggest that one should not be prejudiced by the age of a film and in this latest batch of movies, numbers 61 to 80, there is the oldest work on my list. ‘Destry Rides Again’ starred James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich and was made in 1939. Was there a ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood? Perhaps yes, if one considers glitter and glamour, and the wealth and the power of the movie moguls as the key criteria, but in terms of quality, I think not..

The hard drive is the heart of your computer. It holds every one of your files, folders and photos. If you take the lid off, you see this: A little high tech record player. Thursday.Trained volunteers from the rehabilitation staff from Ruleme Center and Bayview Center, both in Eustis, will do the 15 minute checkup. Participants can line up in their vehicles at United Methodist Church of Eustis, 600 S. Grove St.

Having a program grade papers would apparently free teachers to do other things, but I think it would be a mistake. Why? As a teacher, I may begin to understand students by their conversation or how they respond in class, but when they actually have to put their thoughts on paper, I can learn a huge amount in a relatively brief time. I can see how they think and feel in relation to the material before them, and if (and how) they have problems in making connections, marshaling arguments, drawing conclusions.