African Battery Metals (AIM: ABM) is a London listed, Africa focused, resource company exploring for the key metals used in next generation batteries that fuel the new electric vehicle revolution. The Board and team of advisors, who have proven expertise in African exploration, mining and project generation, have identified an opportunity to utilise their position to become the primary vehicle on the London market for investors to gain exposure to the battery metal commodity suite, particularly cobalt, lithium, copper and nickel. To this end, the Company has a diverse portfolio of projects across several jurisdictions..

McDonald will also add a glaze to the buns to seal in heat and moisture and improve the bun appearance. A prolonged toasting time will give a caramelized bread flavour. Said they also added a buttery note to the Big Mac buns to offset the slight acidity from the extra Big Mac sauce.

Sally: The Hitman’s Mistake is dedicated to a dear friend, Iris Dunki Jacobs. She’s from the greatest generation and endured challenges during World War II that I hope we never face again. She’s a beta reader who told me the romance aspect in this book made her relive the new love feelings of when her husband was courting her nearly 80 years ago.

Get your dog regular exams and cleanings. Good oral care doesn’t start and stop with tooth brushing. It should include regular dental exams, including X rays and a professional cleaning under general anesthesia. Take care of both of them. This isn just some feel good advice. Not doing so means you go around in circles.

Other undecided voters may have an even more interesting process happening. They have already made up their minds, but they haven’t committed yet. They will tell you they are undecided, even though their brain has gathered the necessary evidence and a decision has been activated.

When preparing vegetables and meats, it is wise to use two cutting boards one for chopping ready to eat foods like vegetables for salads and another for raw foods like meat. This is to prevent the juices from raw meats to accidentally touch ready to eat fruits and vegetables, which causes cross contamination. If using only one cutting board, then wash it with warm soapy water thoroughly in between the chopping of vegetables and meats..

Charles Oakley had five last season, the previous high. Alonzo Mourning is tired of hearing how the Bulls will make quick work of the Hornets in the first round of the playoffs just because Jordan has returned. “Michael can’t do it by himself,” Mourning told a group of reporters last week.