When a school board member asked Gunner at a district event early in the year what she needed as a new principal, Gunner immediately said a washer and dryer, so she could wash the clothes that many students wore day after day. Many students had experienced trauma the violent death of a loved one or homelessness or physical, sexual or verbal abuse and arrived in the mornings in emotional distress, easily dissolving into tears or erupting in fury. Over long weekends, students sometimes went untended or had little to eat, which made returning to school both welcome and difficult.

To counter this and keep their hopes at an eventual Super Bowl Championship alive, Andy Reid (acting as de facto general manager) signed controversial free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens had made a name for himself on the San Francisco 49ers as one of the most naturally gifted receivers in the game, as well as a toxic presence in the locker room. His infamous separation from the 49ers included a bitter dispute over the terms of his contract and an interview in Playboy magazine in which he claimed that 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia was a homosexual.

LAST SEASON: 12th. INS: Steven Castle, Craig Sargeant (Pomborneit) OUTS:None. VERDICT:Was competitive despite having the youngest list in the competition last season and finishing last. The plot revolves around a war hero, who accidently finds himself on the winning side during the civil war. He asks for a position on a remote outpost and gets it, only to find out that he’s all alone out there. Pretty soon, though, he learns that he’s not alone.

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On a hospital ward, patients were writhing and screaming in agony. Their organs were failing, their heads swollen and many were projectile vomiting as their immune systems began to completely shut down. It looked like a scene from a horror film, yet this was the appalling reality for six young men who had been in perfect health until they signed up to take part in a drugs trial a decade ago..