Highland Valley (Teck), the old Afton mine, and New Gold coming into production this year are but three examples of mines which have been provided many well paid jobs and huge economic benefits to Kamloops and area. These companies have also been excellent corporate citizens providing generous donations to TRU, the United Way, RIH, as well as paying municipal taxes. In fact, Ajax is expected to be included within the boundaries of the City of Kamloops in due course, and has projected that they will pay about $4 million per year in municipal taxes.

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They were transported to a hospital, where both died. Monday.They found all three people with at least one gunshot wound. All died at the scene, police said.members reported that a man at the house had used a handgun to shoot several people inside, police Sgt.

So Steve Smith started badgering the mayor, explaining a Mental Health Court would provide accountability, social workers, and health care providers. He sold Coppinger on the fact it would relieve the relentless costs of housing someone who is suffering in a maximum security setting. (Hamilton County spends $85,000 every day in corrections costs.).

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