I’m all for ambition when it’s related to the deeper satisfactions of using our bodies and minds to create art or make things better for people or engage in some meaningful way with the world, but I think one thing my books have always been about is how people deal with the bill of goods sold to them about what constitutes success and happiness. Why does he think we so much enjoy reading about miserable failure and imperfect characters? it’s a twofer: a mixture of schadenfreude and self reflection. Misery and imperfection belong to all of us.

Favor from the SultanaAs an adult, Laskarina was married married twice. Her second husband was a wealthy ship captain and trader named Dimitrios Bouboulis who was later killed in a battle against Algerian pirates. Refusing to remain passive in the wake of such a tragedy, Laskarina took the unusual step of taking over her late husband’s business, expanding it and adding four more ships to his fleet.

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Every lyric deals with a single emotion, which is usually stated in the very first line of the lyric. Then the poet gives us the thoughts suggested by that particular emotion. The last and concluding part is in the nature of a summary or it embodies the conclusions reached by the poet..

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