Second, barring North Korean aggression, regime change is a matter for the people of the North to resolve; we won initiate it, nor will we oppose it if it happens. Regime stability is an internal problem. Third, if you like your current nukes, you can keep them.

That’s why people squint. Well, it’s the same way with the camera. If you want to see the hole picture better the wider the lens needs to be; therefore, the bigger the number needs to be.. The fog lay there like it was binge watching Netflix. This doesn stop triathletes. The course was rerouted.

It also flew smack into the middle of the Sunday comics. The various ways America’s mainstream cartoonists addressed the anniversary tells us something about how the nation continues to process the trauma of that day. Berkeley City Manager Phil Kamlarz is retiring (with a pension uncomfortably close to $300k per year) and he’d like to put his thumb on the scale when the question of the successor to his powerful position is weighed by the Berkeley City Council.

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Am absolutely appalled at the way you people have acted towards the CVB and the chamber. You are a bunch of Chicken S SOBs, former councilman and business owner Ed Skytt told the council. “You have virtually no idea of what the tourism council does and the amount of income generated by the tourism industry.

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This gives characters the additional option of choosing a gambit on their turn. Gambits send battalions into the action performing, say, a flanking move or a group flame spell while keeping the hero out of harm way. And battalions level up with experience, becoming more powerful over time.