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A spokesman for GMP said: “We were approached by the charity who asked us if we knew of any retiring or recently retired officers who could help with their inquiries. We have given them details of some eligible officers or former officers. As far as we are aware, no decision has been made by the charity, but we are not involved in the selection process.”.

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Tomato and Tobacco Hornworms: Genus ManducaIf you have found a big green caterpillar on your tomatoes, then it’s almost certain that your plants are hosting larvae of Manduca quinquemaculata, or one of its very close relatives. Commonly known as “hornworms” due to the curving horn that graces their back end, these big caterpillars are voracious eaters and will do real damage to tomato plants. The huge green caterpillars feed on tomato leaves and young fruit, and if you find one on your vines then you can be pretty sure that there are others..

This book can also be used for Sketching, Drawing, Writing, Journaling, Doodling, Brainstorming or as a diary. This Sketch/ Writing book has good quality white paper and a softcover. The colorful cover is perfect for any mermaid lover. NETBALL had yet to start in the Warrnambool and district league and was in its opening season in the Hampden league. That meant the Warrnambool Netball Association was at the height of its powers. The grand final was played in front of a packed house at the Showgrounds stadium.