Though his high flying ways have gone into a permanent sleep, he can always be counted on for hustle and physicality. He no longer owns athletic advantages against his opponents, but he bumps his way around screens, uses neat angles to jump passing lanes, and occasionally works his way to an offensive rebounding spree. Once in a long while, he dusts off some nifty footwork for a smooth bucket:Still, Wallace has scored 12 field goals all season a far cry from the six year stretch he spent averaging between 15.2 and 19.4 points per game.

“I kept change in it. The kids played with it.””At first, [the children] were afraid of it so we started dressing him up,” Janice said, referring to the jug.A few months ago, Robert gave the jug to his granddaughter, letting her know that it might be a priceless piece.”It’s folk art. It just had the look to me like it might be worth something,” he said.His granddaughter dug online, learning that the jug, for years, deemed a junk store piece, was worth a ton.

However and it’s a big however a player may be considered a repeat offender under the new policy if there is another incident while he’s in the league. There may be wiggle room in how punishment is applied, but at leastincoming players have some clarity, even if changes to the NFL’s domestic violence policy may not always work properly, as the incident involving the New York Giants and Josh Brown showed this season. Brown was initially suspended one game for a domestic incident involving his ex wife, but the Giants ended up releasing him after more information came to light and owner John Mara made a series of public relations missteps.

Following the Zaza Pachulia hard foul and punking of Westbrook at Oracle in the last game much was made of fake tough guy Pachulia taunting a face down Westbrook. Post game Russ said he would him back which didn necessarily mean he would look to do something of a non basketball nature. Rather, knowing Westbrook he meant he would dunk on him or make him look stupid on the court..

Of course, these martinis are based on vodka (nobody uses gin anymore, it’s so pass with fruit (no olives, no onions; today’s young drinkers want high octane, cotton candy punch). What shall it be tonight? Top picks: “Sex the City,” with Absolut Mandarin, Amaretto Disarrono, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry; and the “Soprano,” with Campari, triple sec, Absolut Mandarin and a shake of OJ. Appetizers are needed to soak up the sting of lethally poured Stoli Razberi, served as the “Turner” with triple sec and lemon juice, or the Kaiser Soze, shaken with Stoli vanilla, Kahl Bailey’s, milk and Goldschlager.