Consequently, it is the woman who must “steer the boat,” so to speak. Men get offended when I say these things online, but it is one example of the truth of how women can lift up and balance the man. Thanks for commenting, Jewel. Beyond that one could say that it was “common sense” to the colonists that they should not be ruled by a king on an island an ocean away. Yes, Thomas Paine in his massively impactful pamphlet “common sense” ( which to this day is proportionally the best selling book in American history) persuaded America that it only made sense that the people should rule and not a king. He wrote the following: “Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America.

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If we were to imagine a social order organized solely in terms of these dispositions, it would probably be a highly hierarchical, tribal, patriarchal order that adheres closely to the “social sexual” hierarchy represented on Vox Day’s Alpha Game blog. The “products” most valued would be weapons, fighting skills, along with organizational effectiveness and the domination and territory they would bring. No doubt many, maybe most, early societies did look something like this, which raises the question of how humans ever found a way to organize themselves differently.

Most of our stops are located near something major a national park, relatives. That was not the case for our stay near Twin Falls. As part of my research on determining where to go, I check out natural attractions, weird and wacky stuff, parks, tours,etc.

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The use of the word “several” instead of a specific number is especially interesting when you consider how specific our narrator is with the details that precede and follow. How does our narrator know that this a father and sons as opposed to an uncle and nephews or a much older brother and younger siblings? How does she know the station is family owned? Perhaps the narrator is more familiar with this station then we are initially led to believe. The narrator must be taken at her word since we have no evidence that she is lying or exaggerating about the facts.