And while he’s the first to admit there’s more to life than gold medal glory, he’d dearly love a podium finish on London’s East End. “I’ve been there or thereabouts for the last two [Paralympics], so to get a shot is quite special. I’ve been lucky enough to let Jos and Faye let me ride Manny and we’ve got a good understanding,” he said.

In the last few years there has been an abundance of books and DVD’s on the subject of the Law of Attraction. For those unfamiliar with this subject, the Law of Attraction is an ancient Universal Law as natural as the Law of Gravity, which means that whatever we think, say and do has an automatic response from the Universe. Like a boomerang, whatever we send out in thought, word or deed must come back to us..

And I agree with box. Sophie and Abby are this generation’s Heathers, Jennifers, Amys, or Michelles. Use this awesome Baby Name Voyager to help you pick some great names. Yesterday, Salon’s editor in chief Joan Walsh argued: “No female candidate would ever survive a race for Senate with a photo spread like that in her past. It’s unthinkable. The double standard is appalling.” Brown simply couldn’t have won if he had been a woman but that doesn’t mean that Coakley lost because she is one..

Is the Problem in our Definition?It’s interesting that Russians don’t think about democracy in the same way we westerners do, and perhaps therein lies the problem. I once had an acquaintance who was a Ukrainian Russian with whom I would chat with about the political issues of the former Soviet bloc. To my surprise this man actually looked back to the days of Stalinism fondly and considered Josef Stalin, one of the most brutal dictators in history, to have been a great leader.

Jar LuminariesThe internet is full of cute Halloween luminaries. These were a few of my favorites. The ones in the first photo were found at Gleeful Things and she shares the tutorial. Famous Dave’s has recently expanded and tweaked its menu to broaden its customer base, leaving some customers to question its focus. Crivello said Glaser will try to narrow that focus. “It will be his task to look at the new menu items tested in the last couple of years, decide what we want to keep, and make the most efficient menu mix.”.

“This is nuts!” said Barry Mano, founder of the National Association of Sports Officials in Racine. Mano said there’s been a recent spike in youth sports outbursts, especially those aimed at officials.”There are two things going on. One is I think there is more of it and two, they have become more visible,” he said.