Until now, that is. We’ve just started a two person book club, and most of the discussion unfolds in bite sized smart phone texts. I can understand why you’d think that texting might be anathema to the literary experience I would have thought so, too but the format features qualities that have helped, rather than hindered, my appreciation of literature.

In between touring and recording, the duo teamed up with non profit organizations like Visiting Orphans and Got Your Back Movement, whose charitable efforts serve a number of communities around the world. Abner and Amanda explain, “Humanitarian work was something we both have done separately for years, so when we met and started singing together it came really naturally to look for places where we could serve. It’s as important to us as anything else we do, and we’ve found that if you’re willing to go, willing to serve, willing to give, the opportunities to do so will arise.

As children we are motivated by simple wants like hunger and attention. We want to be seen and heard. We want to be fed. Crowther, CA, Hiller, JE, Haslam, RR, Robinson, JS, Giles, W, Gill, A, Walters, W, Rowley, M, Evans, C, HendersonSmart, D, Child, A, Edwards, D, Ellwood, D, Downe, L, Cook, C, Chin, M, Arnold, J, Leslie, G, Smith, D, Fisher, C, Garvey, P, Chiltern, H, Peres, M, John, E, Trudinger, B, Roberts, S, Ballesty, J, Pesce, A, Nicholl, M, Likeman, R, Reynolds, G, Williams, M, Thomas, D, King, J, Tudehope, D, Stone, M, Johnson, W, Cartwright, D, Colditz, P, Forbes, K, Donovan, T, Hill, D, Bryce, R, Marshall, P, White, A, Wiadrowski, T, Hoby, M, Pridmore, B, Crowther, C, Haslam, R, Thomas, A, Bury, G, Watkins, A, Ashton, P, Opie, G, Healy, D, Yu, V, Godfrey, V, Barfield, C, Taylor, N, Brennecke, S, Doyle, L, Murton, L, Permezel, M, Rushford, D and Britt, C (1997) Australian Collaborative Trial of Antenatal Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone: Adverse effects at 12 month follow up. Pediatrics, 99 3: 311 317. Doi:10.1542/peds.99.3.311.

First, interest and royalties are generally deductible in the host country against operating profits, while dividends (a distribution of earnings) are not. Second, different withholding tax rates may apply to different remittance forms. Company’s FTC (discussed below).Careful selection of the remittance form often can minimize withholding taxes.

Another headline in the newspaper about a tragic shooting of an innocent couple who was visiting a popular site seeing location. A senseless shooting that left a young man dead after being shot multiple times, and a young woman shot multiple times and survives to identify the shooter. The shooter, Bobby Stein was looking for something fun to do.