Fenlon forced 36 turnovers as she contained top scorers and contributed 24 goals and 15 assists to help the Falcons win their fourth straight WCAC title. Will play for Notre Dame. At 5 feet 3, Cochran was tough on defense and tenacious on offense, scoring 53 goals and adding 16 assists as the Saints played perhaps the area’s toughest schedule..

Our Cat Canyon neighbors and children in particular is very important to us, Oakley said after the event. Proud to work for a company that truly cares for the community and steps up financially. Resources is a local energy company with offices in Santa Maria, and primary operations located in Cat Canyon.

The ambulance is on the way, but it is up to each of us to be sure it is the ambulance and not the coroner’s wagon that arrives. We need to apply the electrodes now, to shock Courtesy back to the living, and do it quickly. The electrodes are random acts of kindness and selflessness..

SCRANTON, Pa. A Scranton city councilman is helping neighbors in the city west side concerned about condemned homes on their block. Neighbors have been calling city officials for years about homes that have become eyesores on a block of Eynon Street in Scranton.

Container GardeningFor the past fifteen years, my husband and I have lived in town, with a relatively small yard. Even so, my desire to grow our own food continued. I decided container gardening was my best option, so I got to work growing vegetables, strawberries, and a few flowers and ornamentals on our large deck.

Windward Boardshop offers a wide selection of headphones for those who want to listen to a great playlist while enjoying the great outdoors. The retailer, which is located in Chicago Lakeview neighborhood, has headphones by Skullcandy and Outdoor Tech, with in ear and over ear options available. The store has a selection of helmet audio equipment, too.

We grew up eating raw cookie dough and cake batter, jumping on unenclosed trampolines and riding our bikes without helmets, so perhaps we are just old school risk takers. Is contaminated with salmonella. Often the contamination is on the shell rather than inside it, so carefully washing your eggs before cracking them can help reduce the risk.

Bean Quick Load Day Pack comes in black, night, mountain red, and stem green. Padded computer pocket and ergonomic padded straps keep you and your computer safe. Bean $50. The Kaiman also provides 100% UVA and UVB protection and features a scratch resistant and anti fog coating. The goggle is available in two sizes: large for adults and small for smaller faces and kids. Read more.