Time you got a chance to bring that many people together, it a very cool experience. It a very fun and unique event that we really excited to be hosting. Asked if the celebrity side can hang tough with the talented crop of MSHS senior basketball players, Tiseo said he thinks they have a shot..

Curry, a 46 percent career shooter, was a straight role player for the Raptors throughout the season, averaging 6.0 points but shooting .428 on trifectas. And with the rule changes next season allowing zones, Curry could be around the league a lot longer. Especially if he sprinkles in performances like he gave on Sunday..

Forget skin color for a minute and think The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its celebrated sequel; in these books, the humorless Huck Finn is the good boy with a nascent sense of morality, and Tom is the one the other rascals admire, the magician who turns a Sunday School picnic into an Arab caravan and even stage manages his own funeral. Yet Tom gets away with it, just as young Richard wasn’t simply scandalizing the neighborhood ladies but, like Mark Twain’s hero, beguiling them and avoiding punishment. To a boy with nothing, the ability to outrage and charm is as good as money.

We enjoyed helping to package 7,000 gift / care packages last week for the Christmas Behind Bars program. For more than three hours, we filled bags. The care packages usually include Bibles, devotional books, hygiene items and snack items. Without mentioning him by name, Obama took a thinly veiled swipe at President Trump. “Unlike some, I actually try to state facts I believe in facts I believe in a fact based reality, a fact based politics,” he said. “I don’t believe in just making stuff up.

You may think that a coop of that size for so few chickens costs more money than it’s worth, but it depends on how you view the numbers. As long as you are building a coop, how much more time and money does it really cost to build a 10 foot by 20 foot coop rather than a 5 foot by 10 foot one? The cost of the wood may be double (unless you tear down an old building or otherwise find waste wood that you can use). But your time is about the same, whether you use your own labor or hire someone else.

Born June 27, 1909 in Salt Lake City, Utah, the son of Percy A. And Mabel Taylor Henshaw. Married Barbara Spear in Seattle, Washington October 8, 1943; later solemnized in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. “They were like long form improvisational movies with no end, and the story would change somewhere in the middle, not like on ‘Home Movies,’ where they are more polished,” Small says. “I had my brother and sister and neighborhood friends acting in them, and I cast myself. We were indoor kids.