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Dishon McNary of the 6400 block of South Oakley Avenue was charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of reckless homicide in connection with the two accidents, said a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney’s office.According to police, McNary was speeding east on 63rd Street when his Chevrolet Caprice struck a pedestrian crossing the street near South Artesian Avenue. Eric Marshall, 25, of the 7000 block of South Talman Avenue was pronounced dead at Holy Cross Hospital.Police said McNary continued speeding east on 63rd Street and ran two red lights before reaching South Ashland Avenue. There, McNary’s car was heading through another red light when it collided with a Dodge Neon carrying a male driver and his female passenger, killing both, police said.The collision sent the Neon airborne, over the top of a Cadillac stopped at the intersection, then another 100 feet before it slammed into a building, said Chicago police spokesman Kevin Morison.The Neon’s driver and passenger were identified as Benjamin Burrage, 29, of the 6500 block of South Carpenter Street and Shauntel Moffett, 23, of the 6500 block of South Green Street.McNary remained hospitalized Saturday night in fair condition in Cook County Hospital.

Such personal affectations (it was impossible to discern if he had bells on his toes) stimulate Riley conversation and give Riley the appearance of being a lead guitar player in a hard rock band. It’s when he takes off the jewelry and begins to throw a baseball that he draws undivided attention. His fastball can be overpowering, and the curve breaks with all the wicked severity of a Texas cow horn..

I got pg. So if it wasn’t supposed to happen it wouldn’t have. I went in to get them told me I needed an appt. Glare Guard lens coating saves eyes by reducing eye strain. 100% UVA and UVB protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Direct Fit lenses can incorporate most single vision prescriptions into the entire lens, resulting in distortion free vision without visible lines or use of adapters.