Australians have spent too long sitting at their workstations, busy little bees, trying hard to turn austrlia into a replica of what can be found just about anywhere. Our lifestyle consists of being slaves to the corporates and to the big banks. Now whereer you go all you see is ” progress”, ie building sites and more and more traffic surrounding the tourism hot spots.

My husband and I have chosen to pay our daughter for the work she has done. She can earn up to ten dollars per week. To us, donating ten percent of our money is important, we also feel saving some is important as well; therefore, my daughter must take ten percent of everything she earns and donate it.

Ten years ago, Denison ventured to the small Italian town of Assisi in Umbria and attended mass in the church that has preserved St. Francis’ cloak, sandals and water bag. A Las Vegas resident since 1951, Denison also has in her home a plaque of St.

Delight as Cambridge City FC CAN build a new stadium on the green belt, says ministerNew home for the club will seat up to 3,000Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, has approved the scheme, earmarked for a former landfill site at Sawston.After a lengthy planning tussle, South Cambridgeshire District Council gave its backing to the Lilywhites’ 3,000 seater ground last November.Artist impression of the new Cambridge City stadium in SawstonCambridge City has been struggling to establish a new home for more than a decade. They quit their former ground in Cambridge’s Milton Road in 2013, and then submitted a planning application for the new stadium at Sawston. The Cambridge ground has since had houses built on it.In 2014, the district council approved the project, but in 2016 an appeal against the planning permission was lodged and in early 2017, the Court of Appeal quashed the approval.Homes have been built on the former Milton Road groundIn May of that year, the club put in a new application, which officers urged councillors to refuse but they said yes, arguing the benefits of the new stadium outweighed the negative impact it would have on the green belt.Cllr Pippa Corney, who chairs the council’s planning committee, said: “It’s incredibly positive news that the Secretary of State has confirmed that he has no objections to these plans, and that our decision stands, allowing the project to proceed.The site in Sawston, where Cambridge CIty FC hope to build their new stadium (as of July 2015)”There is a very high bar set for construction within the green belt so it is quite right that there is this extra check in place.