Grizzlies: Memphis was 2 0 at home against San Antonio in the regular season, winning by an 11 point average. Vince Carter was assessed a technical foul in the first half after attempting to head butt Kyle Anderson. Carter was upset he nearly fell on the opposite end of the court, believing Anderson had pushed him from behind.

1 Michael Storm, Joe Phillips, Dick Raab, Bob Rupel, Dr. Dale Sandstrom; 2 Tom Gola, JohnT. Hall, Chuck McIntyre, Sean Quinn, Frank Reid; 2A Mickey Vernon, S. Shorthanded games are exploding, and you should be prepared to sit down with the resident sharks if you want to try them out. Don’t forget to pay attention, open up your starting hand requirements, mix up your play, and play a deceptively aggressive game. Nothing beats actual playing experience, but following a few simple guidelines will help prepare you for profitable shorthanded play..

Over the holiday I made this sparkling ginger pineapple punch and added rum and holy crap it was tasty and perfect for a brunch. I’m tempted to serve it at this pizza party next week too but am thinking that there might be something better out there that will go well with pizza. Maybe lots of people just drink beer with their pizza? We will have beer, and we can also just leave a bunch of booze and mixers out and let people make their own favorite, but some people (me!) don’t really like beer and not everyone is a bartender..

At my job we assume that a qualified applicant won’t be able to truly shine until 6 9 months in because they have to learn so much about how we do things. We won’t even include ppl in the formal annual evaluation cycle with anything other than meets expectations’ if they’ve been there for less than three months. Learning curves are huge and tbh learning excel access is a nightmare.

“A big thing for us, especially in pick and roll, is we have these downhill scorers coming off the screen,” Thomas said. “Our bigs are all the way back into the paint, so [opposing ball handlers] have so much room to create. We want to bring the big man up and have [the guard] make a quicker decision as opposed to seeing all that real estate to make a play.”.

Chef Ben Dulley offers short, understated menus which reflect his commitment to freshness, with many vegetables straight from surrounding Drinkwater Farm. Yet it the local spirit that makes this pub particularly special: it the social hub of the village and hosts live music. Rooms have a decanter of sherry, homemade biscuits and an eclectic mix of hardback books..