If there one type of eyewear that has maintained its popularity all these years, it would be aviator sunglasses. First manufactured by Ray Ban in 1937, this type of sunglasses has initially gained popularity among Naval aviators, thus, the name. But when its aesthetic and fashionable value was recognized, there no stopping its distribution and retail in the mainstream market..

Over packing isn’t a disaster if you have room to stash everything along with sturdy bags and pannier racks to carry it. But when you’re constantly digging through bags, pushing aside unused items to find your camping stove or camera, it becomes frustrating. And the lighter your load, the easier it will be to cycle through that 30mph headwind when it hits..

Other stories, like those of the Dakota Sioux, center on the raccoon’s distinct facial markings, which resemble a bandit’s mask or, in the case of the Sioux tales, tribal facial paintings used in rituals. They call the raccoon wee kah tegalega, “magic one with painted face.” Women are afforded places of honor and power in Native American tribes; many stories give the same to the female raccoon. The Aztec name for the female raccoon is cioatlamacasque “she who talks with spirits,” “she who knows things.” The Yakima call her tsa ga gla tal, “she who watches.”.

NOT MONKEYING AROUND The Colorado Eagles set a new franchise record with 10 goals against the Amarillo Gorillas on November 25th. It marked the third time in the 2009 calendar year that the Eagles scored at least nine goals against the Gorillas. All time, the Eagles had scored nine or more goals seven times four of them coming at Amarillo’s expense..

It’s been hard to deal with, being in your hometown and not knowing if you’re going in or not. But it’s not my role to go to the coach and complain. When he feels it’s time for me to contribute to the team, I’ll play.”. The vinyl roll up board is black and buff and includes algebraic notation for game analysis. We recommend the board remain flat or rolled up when not in use to prevent creases that can occur when folded. The more it is used, the better it will lie flat during play.

No cost estimates are given for these and most other items. Not even rough percentages of the total bond amount. Only a few of the classrooms were built. So the straightforward answer to your question is: yes, you can use these forms, and people are doing so increasingly often.But if your question was really asking whether it is acceptable to use them in all circumstances, then I have to say firmly that, no, it isn’t, not yet anyway. They are definitely informal and they should still be avoided when speaking or writing standard or formal English.”You did note the “should still be avoided” part, right? Okay, good.6 years ago from Fort LauderdaleI’m like Poddy’s (below). I hate these words.