I’m looking at the Core Animation reference right now, and it looks like this tool is more designed to move existing graphic assets around, moreso than draw arbitrary things. You might do better to draw your ellipse using Cocoa drawing APIs and then animate it, if needed, using Core Animation. Honestly, though, if your interface requires a nice looking ellipse in lots of different orientations/sizes/major minor axes, you might just want to keep drawing it using Cocoa, without diving into Core Animation..

Hostage situation: A distraught man armed with a shotgun was arrested by police after a standoff at the Howard Johnson Motor Lodge in Dorneyville. Police said Gregory Allen Datesman, 31, of Whitehall Township, threatened to shoot himself with a 16 gauge shotgun, accosted a hotel guest in the lobby, screamed wildly for his family and holed himself up in the room he had rented just hours earlier. Police arrested him after forcing his door open..

Light brown eyes understated appealIf you’ve seen Natalie Portman’s or Julia Roberts’s eyes, you can understand the appeal of light brown eyes. Light enough to contrast beautifully against a dark eyeliner and dark eyelashes, light brown eyes are unusual enough to give your eyes some “pop” but while still retaining the warm, sexy glow of brown eyes. They also look natural if brown eyes are better suited to your natural complexion and hair color, but lighter brown eyes can give you a hard to pinpoint radiance that many will subtly notice and appreciate..

Some hope. ‘Redknapp forgotten but never forgiven’ was just one banner among many others simply stating ‘Judas’, which were held aloft by the vociferous Pompey fans inside St Mary’s. However, rather than a bearpit atmosphere this was more like a pantomime, with nothing like a dull first half to dissipate any tensions..

Are very excited to make our Makerspace printers available to the college and community through our new 3D printing class and our open labs, Arias del Cid said. Enrolled in the college may drop in during our open lab hours, first come, first served. We are happy to teach anyone how to use them.

The faster speeds that ultrafast broadband brings means a two hour HD film can be downloaded in just 90 seconds, a 45 minute HD TV show in just 16 seconds and a nine hour audio book in just three seconds.People living in the pilot areas who want to try the new service should contact their internet service provider to see if they’re offering a service, and to find out more about availability and pricing.Emma Howarth, Openreach’s programme director for network delivery in the South West, said: “A huge amount of effort and substantial investment has already taken place in the development of this exciting new technology. So I’m delighted to announce that we can now start connecting people in Cheltenham and at the other 19 locations around the country. Whether you are somebody aiming to work more efficiently or grow your business, or a household going online for shopping, entertainment or studies, fast access to the internet has never been more important.”We need to stay ahead in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers.It builds on the success of the rollout of superfast broadband, which has already reached thousands of homes and businesses in Cheltenham and Gloucestershire.Overall, more than nine out of 10 premises across the country can access superfast speeds today with around another 17,000 homes and businesses being enabled each week.