I recommend this for story time reading but it does quickly become tiresome to parents, so don’t buy a copy for home, unless you are very, very patient or zealous. Otherwise you may end up dropping it in a toilet accidentally on purpose. I’m not kidding.

Tourists walk under arches next to the flooded St Mark’s Square during a high water (Acqua Alta) alert in Venice, Italy. (Miguel MEDINA/AFP) Road were blocked and thousands of people were left without power in southern and central Europe, as rains and violent winds sparked flooding and tore trees from their roots. Thick snow has also cloaked French and Italian mountain regions, trapping hundreds of drivers in their cars and tourists in hotels.

It comes with a button down blouse with puff sleeves and matching pants with elastic waistband. You will love the fabric of this outfit because of the 100 percent cotton used in the jammies. It features a balloon shaped bodice, pleated at the front.

The Pick Me Up spring will continue with Goodnight Mister Tom, Michelle Magorian wonderfully uplifting tale, brought to life in a magical stage adaptation by David Wood. Set during the build up to the Second World War, it follows the adventures of young William Beech when he is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside. There he forges a remarkable and heart warming friendship with an elderly recluse, Tom Oakley..

The final puzzles was two different rooms that were set mirror opposites of each other the layout of the room and the directions of statues of Tiamat really giving it away. Each room had a pedestal one with a basin of blood and one with an imprint of a hand. One of the players had to stick their hand into the basin of blood which turns it to stone and then stick their hand in the other pedestal with the imprint.

In response to the intractable religious dogmatists: I think it the religious who have to feel guilty about. How about: It the religious fanatics (not the atheists) who are blowing up themselves along with countless innocent civilians in Iraq in exchange for their vision of heaven with hundreds of virgins. It the hardline Protestants and Catholics (who ostensiblly believe in the same peace loving Jesus, for crying out loud) who were a short time ago murdering each other in Northern ireland.

Staying with larger, broader, chunkier edits will make things feel more natural, but getting down into the syllables and sub syllables is possible with enough work and patience, if you want to go for a super tight polished feel. Nudge stuff. If a word sounds better a little bit lagged behind the beat, lag it.