Botulism is a rare paralytic illness caused by a toxin, which is very poisonous to humans.Ms Fitzpatrick said: “We are pleased that he’s in the best place to get the treatment he needs and hope he will be fit and strong again as soon as possible.”Mr Douglas added: “He’s our bonnie lad and we are looking forward to getting him back home soon and seeing him smiling again.”A spokeswoman for Health Protection Scotland said: “Based on our electronic records, which go back to 1983, we have not seen a laboratory report of an infant botulism case.”There have been no cases of botulism in Scotland in the last year.”Information on the HPA’s website states: “There are three main types of botulism foodborne botulism, intestinal botulism (which is due to proliferation of the organism in the gut) and wound botulism.”Symptoms often begin with blurred vision and difficulty in swallowing and speaking, but diarrhoea and vomiting can also occur.”The disease can progress to paralysis. Most cases will recover, but the recovery period can be many months. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

But singing is also good for your health. Learning to breathe properly, by using your diaphragmatic muscle, brings more oxygen to your brain and cells. Singing also releases those feel good endorphins.The Many Health Benefits of SingingSinging exercises your lungs.

A partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Belleville, Trenton and Quinte Sunrise, the festival creates a platform to showcase the musical talents of the youth in our community. The festival runs April 9 to 13 at Eastminster United Church, St. Matthew United Church and the Salvation Army Church.

Check out how the top 15 guys faredThe other five were chair warmers, to be sent home without a humming a note.But the 10 lucky singers were announced one at a time, being forced to perform only a minute after they were picked, without much mental preparation.Sounds fun, but horribly nerve racking for the contestants, right? Exactly.Nerves played a big part in the night’s vocals, with only a few standouts among many lackluster showings.On Thursday, five girls and five guys (who sing tonight), will be voted into the Top 13 by America, while three more are chosen as the judges’ “wild cards.” Who deserves a spot?THE BREAKDOWN Majesty Rose singing “Happy” by PharrellA few deer in headlights moments from Majesty early on, but the girl has a fun, magnetic quality about her and had the whole crowd on their feet clapping along to the upbeat tune. Well, it’d be hard not to clap along, since the song literally calls for it, but Majesty showed some range and a nice stage presence to kick off the night. “You are ready for showtime,” J Lo said.Kristen O’Connor singing “Turning Tables” by AdeleKristen bit off a huge piece choosing to sing Adele, and unfortunately, she choked on it.