A qualifying period will be held from March 26 30 for candidates wishing to fill the commission s Districts 3 and 4 seats if commissioners John Douthirt and Nancy Oakley are successfully recalled from office. The commissioners and candidates vying to succeed them will appear on the same ballot April 17. The recall date was set last week by Pinellas Pasco Chief Judge Anthony Rondolino.

A Palestinian girl cool off by water to beat the scorching heat, as others pray outside the Dome of the Rock at the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem during the last Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan,31 May 2019. Israeli police Friday morning shot and killed a Palestinian young man following an alleged stabbing attack in Jerusalems Old City. Muslims around the world celebrate the holy month of Ramadan by praying during the night time and abstaining from eating, drinking, and sexual acts daily between sunrise and sunset.

As I’ve written before, the biggest complaint I hear when it comes to feminism is that we ignore the guys. Men, like women, are subjected to stereotyping, unfair social constructs and cookie cutter gender standards all the time. We’d probably all be better off if we stopped levying an iron clad set of expectations on people just because they’re guys or just because they’re gals.

Three Legged Toad: The Three Legged Toad also known as the Money Frog or Chan Chu is extremely helpful for those involved in jobs where there is the opportunity to earn commission or side income. One can display this symbol next to the Work desk or diagonally opposite the front door of the home. Read more on Three Legged Money Frog.

To make a Paracord Bracelet using a Cobra Knot you’ll be repeating reversing moves; there are essentially just two movements, one from left and one from right, so once you have them down the process is really simple. We’re using red and black cord in our example for better visibility. So here we go..

To figure this out, unplug all your stuff from those outlets, and plug in something simple like a lamp into one outlet, then switch the breaker to see if it turns the lamp on/off. Move the lamp to each outlet in turn and test them to see if the same breaker controls it. (if you only have one breaker, that would be a good sign it controls them all).

N n n nAnd it’s not as though things have changed that much: they’re still made of a couple of pieces of plastic or wire, some screws and glass. Why should a pair of glasses cost more than an iPad? Well one answer is because one company controls a big chunk of the business. N n n nNever has there been so much choice: Ray Bans, Oakleys, glasses for running, and skiing, and even reading.