82% nylon, 18% polyester. Volume: 22L Imported. Roomy main compartment holds your daily essentials. The existing main that runs under North Washington Street has “reached the end of its economic life,” Dunlap said. It will be purged of natural gas and capped, making it dormant. Most of the 14,000 foot proposed main runs on city property.

Drill holes for the bolts in the plexiglass one in each corner and one in the middle on each side. If possible, countersink the hole into the plexiglass so the bolt head is even with the top. (Be careful because the plexiglass is not very thick.) Drill holes for the small screws on each side of the plexiglass between the corner holes and the middle holes on each side.

GO WEST! ART OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER FROM THE BUFFALO BILL CENTER OF THE WEST: Nov. 3 through April 13 at the High Museum of Art, 1280 Peachtree St. Adults, $19.50; students with ID and seniors 65 and over, $16.50; children 6 17, $12; children 5 and under, free.

You’re adults now and can choose who walks through that door. Yes, there are consequences: you’ll almost surely be scolded, cursed at, threatened. Because they have no control over your place and hate that. It makes a different for me when I can just plop into bed and be tired enough to just fall asleep.Reducing soda, meat, caffine and carb intake would probably do you some good. Diet isn everything, but it can play a pretty big role in how you feel. Preparing a meal and enjoying, and learning from what you put time into can be a meditative experience.Keep your room clean too, that helps me a ton.

The patio doors could be accessed via a public street, Rua Dr Francisco Gentil Martins, where a small gate and set of steps led to 5A’s balcony and living room. 5A’s front door was on the opposite side of the block from the Ocean Club, on Rua Dr Agostinho da Silva. The bedroom had one waist high window with curtains and a metal exterior shutter, the latter controlled by a cord inside the window; the McCanns kept the curtains and shutter closed throughout the holiday.

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