So whether your 50 or 80, ask your doctor about smart ways to fight the weight gain. Advancing years can affect your balance and make you less steady and sure on your feet. Falls can be especially dangerous if you have osteoporosis, when your bones become less dense and more prone to breaks and fractures.

While she benefited from Governor Deval Patrick’s passionate presence on the campaign trail, the baggage of various Patrick administration management scandals also weighed her down. Patrick didn’t help her cause with a tone deaf move to transfer 500 nonunion managers to the state public employee union. It meant raises and job protection for those workers, and two weeks before Election Day, it bolstered Baker’s argument against one party rule..

“I really like to get involved at school and feel like I’m doing something for our community. And I know that the money is going to a good cause. In the end we’ll hopefully win the dance, which is exciting, and I know students really like that,” she said, noting that students from all schools are fighting to win the right to host a dance, the top prize in the competition..

At the end, the actors refer to Pallister and appear to say “what an ass,” although the end of the final word is drowned out by an ambulance siren or street traffic. Subtitles in videos on the NDP Youtube channel spell the word “a .”Pallister, who is running for his second term as premier, was not amused.”The ads are not only in poor taste but a sign of desperation by the NDP,” Pallister said Thursday.”Two days ago, Mr. Kinew and the NDP said they were going to run a high road, principled campaign .

A little over a week ago, I noticed that Oakley right eye was drifting off to the right for no good reason. Consulted Dr. Google; likely age related. Advertising is expensive. In no way is an air conditioning company trying to get over on, or mislead anyone by advertising in this way. If someone takes the time to read the small print, or ask sufficient and educated consumer questions on the phone during scheduling, then I assure you that you won’t be shocked by anything when it comes time to pay the bill for your service call/ Spring tune up.

If you see a storm in your area, stay alert for changing conditions and seek shelter. With the possibility of damaging winds and large hail, stay away from windows and skylights. Flooded roads from heavy rainfall may be dangerous, as even shallow water flowing across the road can potentially sweep a car downstream.