Our services are delivered by our skilled and dedicated volunteers and staff. They can draw on decades of experience in helping people to live independently and confidently in their communities. Our support is also tailored. A post colonial reading of The Tempest thus invites further examination of these social constructs because Prospero’s attitudes and actions often appear more savage than those of Caliban, whilst Caliban displays unexpected sensitivity and humanity. Prospero’s treatment of Ariel, for example, requires him “Once a month [to] recount what [Ariel] hast been / Which [he] forgett’st” (1.2.263 264) in order to retain his services. Ariel was a “servant” (1.2.272) to Sycorax but is a “slave” (1.2.271) to Prospero, denoting a fall in status for even the closest of indigenous aides under colonial rule.

In 2011, the newest feat in prenatal testing was introduced: the NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test). This DNA test can, with reasonable accuracy, detect Down syndrome in early pregnancy from a single drop of blood taken from the mother. Hailed by medical professionals as the holy grail in prenatal testing, the NIPT has quickly spread across the globe..

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