Chutkan said the teen’s immigration status was irrelevant and that she still had constitutional rights. She wrote that the teen will “suffer irreparable injury,” including health risks, if the government interferes with her abortion plans. Chutkan also barred the government from forcing the teen to reveal her abortion decision to anyone or retaliating against her or the federally funded shelter housing her in Texas.

I used Oakley A frames for ages over glasses, and they kinda sorta worked in that they fit, but my glasses would mist up when I wasn’t moving. I eventually (and very reluctantly) switched to contacts which are MASSIVELY UNBELIEVABLY BETTER. There is no comparison.

The ironic part of his view of this pacifist, peace loving, hippie future is that it was still riddled with misogyny. Not racism mind you (the original series had the first ever on screen interracial kiss), just misogyny. Plus the guy cheated on his wife constantly so he obviously had no respect for women and that showed in his show..

7: Key West, Florida, bans sale of sunscreens that harm coral reefsJan. 31: Florida man whose mugshot went viral for his ‘Wide Neck’ back in jailShe alleged two employees, a male and a female, were having an affair, the report said.Oakley would allegedly not allow the meeting to proceed with the female taking minutes; Oakley allegedly used profanities in demanding the woman leave and “threw a punch” at her.”Using her tongue” Oakley licked the male “up the side of his neck and face,” the report said, noting that Oakley also allegedly groped the man.In a statement emailed to USA TODAY Thursday, a City of Madeira Beach spokesperson confirmed Oakley’s resignation.Feb. 4: Please stop pooping on these Florida islands, officials tell touristsJan.

Performance are $19, $25 and $30. Highway 41. Featured acts will include reggae group Lee Milo Tishan, country band Lucy Bowers Hot Walker, rockers Tiger Tiger and blues band Fleet Starbuck and the All You Can Eat Horns (which earns this week’s nomination for most creative band name).

This was the last project he was going to work on down in Aruba he confided to my mom. After 35 years in refineries, he was ready to go from “semi retired” to “retired” and stop dividing his time between Aruba and New Jersey. Time for grandkids. Last month, New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote that it is “necessary to let people from Red America lead the way, and to show respect to gun owners at all points.” French, meanwhile, has written columns on “Why the Gun Control Debate Could Break America” and “Why the Left Won’t Win the Gun Control Debate.” This kind of thinking stems from the myth that gun control advocates aren’t in touch with the real America, an angry majority who should be feared and pandered to, and it has been disproven unequivocally by the polls following the Parkland activism. Of course, those steeped in gun culture as it is “truly lived in red America,” as French puts it, never made an effort to lead the way in crafting effective policy, such as after Columbine when Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, inspired by the white nationalist Oklahoma City bombing, murdered 12 of their classmates and one teacher in 1999. Or in 2012, when 20 elementary students, the youngest six years old, were gunned down at Sandy Hook.