Machine wash, line dry. Imported. Measurements: Length: 36 1 2 in Product measurements were taken using size SM. Conditions remain extreme a total of 49 wildfires are now burning in Alberta, the government said last night. Of that number, seven are listed as out of control and 18 were started Thursday. As of last night, the size of the combined fires in Alberta was 85,000 hectares or more than 210,000 acres..

The adidas Santiago Duffel keeps your game strong and steady. Spacious main compartment with U shaped opening. Easy access zipper side pockets. 4 mile round trip? That is a lot of walking for the typical pair of women’s flats or Mary Janes. I wouldn’t do a daily 4 mile round trip in anything other than a good walking or athletic shoe long term; you’re asking for foot and leg trouble. Then again, I am an Old..

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Open source can be a viable primary or auxiliary business model, both directly through specific project work and indirectly through the acquisition of skills, experience and reputation. There may also be additional, motivations; the satisfaction of producing software that is useful to others, the “scratching of one’s personal itch” (the first step towards any good piece of open source software, according to Eric S. Raymond), or philosophical reasons, normally based around the notion of free software, either the copyleft approach advocated by Richard Stallman, or the more permissive approach of the BSD licenses..

Smith has also had a good group of assistant coaches to include Keith Lund, Kevin Lords, Nate Waite, Dan Combo and Troy Myers. Lund, who assisted Smith during the most recent run and has been on her staff for years, also decided to step down. Smith said she was blessed to have outstanding assistant coaches..

The hearing also included critical comments on issues other than the Compassion issue. Referring to the arrest of JNU Student leader Kanhaiya Kumar earlier this year for a speech, Democrat Eliot L. Engel, Ranking Member of the Committee, and another old India hand said, “it’s troubling that a country with such a long tradition of an empowered and active civil society might be going down this path.” Others at the hearing brought up issues over Greenpeace, National Endowment for Democracy and Ford Foundation, and what Human Rights Watch official John Sifton referred to as “attacks on Christians” and the 2002 Gujarat riots in India.