Every pair of binoculars comes rated with two numbers for example 7×50 or 8×30 and others but what do they mean? It’s easy to understand once you know. The first number is the level of magnification so, if the rating is 7×50 then the image that you will see through the binoculars is seven times larger than what you would see with your naked eye. It’s that easy..

A low key affair was staged for the monster who died in jail in Northern Ireland three weeks ago, after it emerged his body lay unclaimed by relatives in a mortuary.British taxpayers have paid for the event after Black suffered a fatal heart attack while serving 12 life sentences for murdering four young girls.And it caused outrage from the father of his suspected first victim.The monster’s ashes could be scattered in Scotland where he grew up or London where he later lived during his killing spree.But prison officials have refused to reveal the location.Black died three weeks ago in Maghaberry high security jail in Northern Ireland.Cops have linked him with up to 16 child murders during an 18 year trail of terror.He died as detectives were about to charge him with the murder of Genette Tate,13, who was snatched on her village paper round in Aylesbeare, near Exeter, on August 19 1978.Genette’s dad John Tate, 73, told our sister paper the Mirror: “Black was a sexually motivated psychopath he was horrible and evil, I hate him.”And now it appears the State are acting out his demise in secret.”I asked the police on Friday about his funeral and where his remains would end up.”If taxpayers money has been used to pay for his funeral surely we have a right to know where his ashes have been scattered and if there is going to be a headstone and where it will be put.”I am sure they are worried people will be so sickened by what he did that any headstone will be damaged or abused.”But why aren’t my questions being answered? It does feel like some State cover up. I am not being told the truth which adds insult to injury.”When Black died I thought I would like to visit his grave to make sure in my own mind he was dead.”But now I don’t think I could face it. Even so, the public has a right to know where he is laid to rest.”All I’ve ever wanted is to bury Genette who was my only child.”We have a headstone in the village churchyard at Aylesbeare where we lived but because Genette’s body has never been found we’ve never been able to bury her, which is heartbreaking in itself..

A lot of the things going on, a lot of the policies being implemented doesn’t necessarily affect him directly. He’s financially secure, the NFL pays for his insurance. So currently, he’s really not affected by this but these athletes of today’s time say ‘there’s something greater,’ there’s no more ‘just stick to sports.’ You hear that a lot, Skip.