People should have the decency and integrity to find their sources if they use other people work. Just because it the first result on Google without a source, doesn mean the source is hard to find. All it takes is another click or two.. Hand out your business cards to people, writing a personal note on the back so they have a remarkable memory of your conversation. It can be something very short and sweet, a gardening tip, a special time and date for them to contact you, a funny worm related saying or comment. This is a method that personalizes the conversation making you and your business stand out in a potential customers day.

Your day is characterised by diversions and unexpected turns, At the end of the day most things are done and you work an extra hour to cover the important ones. On the way home you decide to take a different route to the station and discover a new cafe. You get home late and collapes into bed happy..

The cottage had no feedback form, so I resolved to ring the owner to prevent future guest distress. But when I got home, work backlog drove this thought from my mind. I’ll ring today (barring acts of God). In many circumstances I think the idea of “there are two lanes, fill them both up” is faulty logic for why the “zipper merge” is more efficient. There is no reason that the closing lane needs to be filled up, all that matters in terms of throughput is the number of cars that are able to get through the single open lane per minute. And the best way to do that is to get all of the drivers to come into the same lane at as high of a speed as possible..

Oxygen cylinders are filled to a pressure of over 2,200 psi and need a regulator to reduce pressure down to say 30 psi to cut steel. The acetylene regulator does the same thing except the pressures are substatially lower. Full cylinders are below 300 psi and delivery pressure less than 15 psi..

Fortunately, this is musical theatre land and Frank Butler’s a stand up guy who overcomes his misgivings about marrying a woman who can do anything better than him. In real life, the couple married shortly after their first fateful meeting where the 15 year old Oakley beat variety show marksman Butler in a tense shoot off. The original Oakley’s story is also somewhat more interesting than that of mere romantic lead, but that’s for another day..

Unreliable had to be retracted by the paper because we were so outraged that they had the audacity to say something bad about our beloved KD. We blamed the coach, we blamed the guy who stayed, we blamed the front office. But we never blamed Durant for anything.