Some people think scientists particularly archaeologists and anthropologists are little more than grave or tomb robbers. This seems to be what many Native Americans think and, of course, they have every right to think what they want. It’s quite possible that other indigenous peoples throughout the world may feel the same way..

C’est un prtexte pour parler de ce que nous sommes:du couple, de l’amour, comment lever nos enfants, la violence conjugale, les mensonges. En apparence, tout semble si parfait dans la vie de ces femmes. Mais qui tuera qui?, a ajout Jean Marc Valle..

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One entrepreneur at the swap meet at Orange Coast College meet said he bought ornaments, stockings and other holiday goodies in bulk after last Christmas when they were selling for a fraction of their original price. He stored them all over his house throughout the year, then marked up the price for the current holiday shopping season. One day the vendor, who asked not to be named, cleared $800..