As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?I remember I wanted to be a vet, I loved animals. I still do love animals, but I don’t think I could ever really be a vet, or a doctor of any sorts, just not my cup of tea. But I would love to hear your answers..

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I guessing it is more economical to bite the bullet and just go to a tuner who already has a good mapping file licensed? I be interested in getting the flashing kit myself (or even making it hehe) and knocking myself out with different configs but I guess that very expensive. I think it would be interesting to make my own tuning files though. A personal flaw (or strength?) of mine is that it really irritates me having to pay for services, especially technical, when I could be learning and doing it myself somehow.

The July 1 story time is titled Crusaders. Elementary readers are invited to the Beverly Library for a fun filled craft hour. The Beverly Library will challenge area teens to be a true hero. It takes 400 mcg to do the whole job. We should have no child with folic acid preventable [birth] defects. I agree that until fortification is fixed, we need to be teaching as many women as we can .

But Johnson explained that we would really only need some type of police force if countries decided to sovereign in space which is currently prohibited under Article II of the treaty. The boundaries of international law have alimit and “we haven’t developed there as a civilization, Johnson told The Post. Space has no governor, so it can be governed..

The NBA this season was plagued by unruly players and uncooperative owners, but it increased its attendance again despite Michael Jordan’s retirement. Chief referee Darell Garretson cursed out Houston radio announcer Gene Paterson at courtside during the series with Phoenix, and whoops, it went out over the air. Said commissioner David Stern: “Whatever might have happened to cause or provoke it, those remarks were inexcusable, and they won’t be repeated.