The thoughtfully designed flex hold cup holder provides a snug fit to prevent spills. At only 30 wide and weighing 24 pounds, the Eveno Aero2 Ultra Lightweight Double Stroller fits through standard doorways and combines a lightweight frame with extended storage, perfect for your family’s active lifestyle. Color: Osprey.

Off to them, Dickenson said of the Stampeders. A good crew over there not just with the players but with the coaches as well. Arbuckle was impressive in this first CFL start, leading Calgary on a touchdown drive on the Stampeders first offensive possession.

Anyway, I paid up and we enjoyed our three hours of paid beach life, alternately playing in the water, watching the kids and just enjoying ourselves. We watched as one man was metal detecting in the sands and waters of the beach; another suddenly struck out swimming to the East and we watched him for nearly a half an hour until we could no longer see him swimming. We never did see him stop.

We’re proud that the place is honored by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association as one of the two nationally accredited privately owned zoos in the United States. WWZ doesn’t just put its panthers on display, it educates us about what makes each animal unique, and what we must do to preserve them. There are no concrete sidewalks, just natural caging, like a modern day Noah’s Ark of penguins, giraffes, zebras, tigers, oryxes, lions, deer, kangaroos, gibbon apes, monkeys, camels, white rhinos, white tigers, African lions, African wild dogs, maned wolves, lemurs and so much more.

It a little bit more expensive than doing bulk beans rice with meat and veggies, but only marginally so if you smart about which recipes you do on a given week. Try to overlap ingredients by planning out what meals you make throughout the week, watch for sales and coupons, buy bulk items that you know you use frequently, etc. I been doing this for a few years now, and have gotten my weekly grocery bills down to about $30 60, which includes a few things I could definitely go cheaper on (ex; coffee, snack nuts), but also covers all my meals (except one; I always treat myself to at least one take out or dine in meal a week)..

EASY: St. Marys River from Wells Street Bridge to the confluence of the St. Marys, St. Bonus upholstered ottoman included to rest those tired feet. Designed with a high back for head and neck support. A matching lumbar pillow is included to offer even more back support when needed. Color: Cream. Gender: Unisex. Mom can rest easy in this soft and durable 100 percent polyester glider that glides forwards and backwards as well as swivels.