The last thing the Americans need after their epic collapse this year is any kind of division right out of the gate, long before the team even comes together or captain picks are made. There are more pressing concerns down the road than the winner of a popularity contest. Captain? If that the case, it says more about the players than it does the captain, but that criticism comes more from the media than anybody else Speaking of media, a few must have been into the spiked egg nog a little early before writing their goofy end of the year predictions.

Every day we’ll compile a list of the rumors we’re hearing about James and his next contract. Just remember these are just rumors, not necessarily facts. It’s going to be a long and rough ride, Cavs fans. Like all by elections, local and national factors all fed in to what happened in Richmond Park.Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said she showed when times are tough, “you don’t just sit there and cry into your coffee you roll your sleeves up and make a difference.”She lives in a semi detached home in leafy Kingston, south west London, with husband Ben and children Isabel, seven, and Rufus, three.Unlike Eton educated Zac Goldsmith , Ms Olney went to a comprehensive school in Surrey.But she has spent her adult years in city jobs in London, a world away from Brexit voters outside the capital.It a life, though, that would resonate in her wealthy constituency.Richmond is a green lung in London where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splashed 10million on a house in 2012, before their breakup.After studying English literature at King College London in the mid 1990s, Ms Olney joined Barclays Bank planning events.She then spent six years as the financial chief at Distilled Limited, an online marketing consultancy based in central London.She has worked in London National Physical Laboratory which sets measurement standards for scientists since February last year.She said last week: “If I don’t win, I’ve got a nice house, a great husband, lovely children and a good job to go back to.”How did she win? All or none of these factors may have determined the outcome of the by election. Here a stab at how it happened.The Lib Dem fightbackSince going from 57 MPs to eight, the Lib Dems have adopted the slogan “Lib Dem fightback”.It was even the motto of their party conference. It seems sensible considering they couldn do much worse.There have already been big signs the Libs are over the worst after voters punished them for going into a cuts hungry Coalition.The party seized two Scottish Parliament seats from the SNP in May local elections and have made gains in small council by elections.And in the Witney by election to replace David Cameron, it thrust Labour into a lowly third place winning more than 11,000 votes.Leader Tim Farron said: “The message is clear: The Liberal Democrats are back and we are carrying the torch for all of those who want a real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government.”A referendum on Brexit, not HeathrowZac Goldsmith resigned as a Tory over Heathrow Airport expansion and said the vote would be a “referendum on Heathrow”..