I’ve thought about another language, but I’m not feeling the particular pull of any one in particular. I did guitar a while back and, while I enjoyed it enough, I never felt I wanted to go further. Some kind or art or craft but which? Or should I try to ‘go back’ and conquer some academic subject I was always bad at/afraid of (math in general)..

I’ve never taken it myself, but i just got diagnosed and am looking into my different options. I am also in school taking psychopharmocology for my psych NP program so I’ve been learning about these meds. From what i understand strattera takes a few weeks to start working.

Visit this lighthouse, and you will be standing on the 45th parallel or halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. This lighthouse though not a giant stands 35 feet tall. It is positioned on a hill, so its focal plan stands at 46 feet with a light that shines for thirteen miles.

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I’m not saying that all fics with gay characters are like this, but a few come across that way. Other people write about gay characters for the same reason I mentioned in the section above: ‘cuz everybody else is doing it. And then there are people who are gay in real life and trying to explain it, express it, or understand it better themselves through writing..

Annie Get Your Gun (Marquis Theater). This revival of the Irving Berlin’ musical starring Bernadette Peters hits the bull’s eye. It’s everything you could wish for in a Broadway musical. There was a reason for the prisoners being fed so well. The dining hall was the one place in the prison where prisoners had an advantage. They all had access to metal forks and trays, which could be used as weapons.

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The protracted engagement ended when the King’s were ordered to withdraw, having almost expended their ammunition. Casualties exceeded 70, while Private Heaton earned the . Nominal annexation of the Orange Free State and Transvaal Republic in May and September did not resolve the war.