From the planning stages to the production floor, everything we do revolves around synthesizing creativity, experience and sheer will power. For us, engineering the fastest, most advanced performance products is more than just a goal, it’s a requirement. At TYR, we’re always in front.

Sometimes I would give him more than the prescribed 4 per day because he does have a mild neck condition. But then, in April, he took the bottle of pills and switched most of them out with extra strength Tylenols. I didn’t know the difference until he told me he needed some and to check the imprint on the tablets so he would get oxy, not Tylenol..

My advice to everyone is that with more running experience you’ll naturally move towards better form if you get out of your own way. But there are somethings you can do to help speed that process up. One is to do strides 100m of 80% of your max speed.

Rosales gave a quick summary of her background, saying that 37 years ago I had to flee my country the Philippines, during the Marcos dictatorship. Family ended up in Canada. Bu the mid I ended up here in the Bay Area. We applaud them for their vision to build a tremendous new shopping destination. While continued operation of our cinema eatery is not feasible during construction, we are excited for this new development. Many of our patrons have also expressed enthusiasm for how the former Biltmore Square Mall is being re born into a thriving new development..

“I was looking down on a valley in Guatemala, and I just remember the flock of birds, this massive thing going down to the trees getting ready for nesting, just like what you see at night,” Woc Colburn said, describing a short span when the moon completely obscured the sun. “Then, it felt like a new day. Birds came out and were singing.”.

Jenn Im and I went to the same university for a brief period of time before she graduated so I saw her around. Back then, my friend also went to one of her flea market sales to meet her personally and she wasn’t outright rude or anything, she was just a little cold. Didn’t really acknowledge her fans and only talked to her friend (soothingsista I believe).

There are only a handful of directors in the world who are able to retain full artistic control over their films. But they had to work their entire careers to earn that control. And guess what? Even Spielberg and Cameron are beholden to their executive producers and the studio that gives them a budget.

Wait in the Darkness takes its audience on a journey through the past, exploring loss, family, perseverance and home. Her recent art exhibition in Chicago, My Relations: A Seneca History, displayed many artifacts including a basket made by the acclaimed Seneca artist Nettie Watt, and a video documentary that exposed the breaking of the 1794 treaty that condemned 10,000 acres of Cornplanter western New York land to make way for the Kinzua Dam in Pennsylvania during the 1960s. Simas ancestral lands were flooded and some 700 Seneca people lost their homes..