As Greenwich went about elaborating upon the many facets of his illustrious career, Keeran simply held the cookie package upwards and compared faces. He thought pleasantly, regarding the two with mild amusement. Then he realized Greenwich next speech was rolling towards an end, and quickly tuned back in just in time to hear the word yeah! I mean, no.

Oscar Victor Echo Romeo. Sierra Echo Victor Echo November. Hotel Uniform November Delta Romeo Echo Delta. Ex British Prime Minister Tony Blair is recorded once, while his former cabinet minister Lord Peter Mandelson has ten numbers recorded, including one marked ‘direct line’ one marked ‘home’ and one marked ‘country home’. Other names and numbers in his book are also said to include Sir Mick Jagger, Sir David Frost, Richard Branson, Naomi Campbell, and a number of members of the house of lords. The book is now in the hands of the FBI but there is no suggestion that the people named were involved with Epstein’s crimes or even met him..

It was a nice ride with roads getting dryer and dryer and our bikes was quiet even with all sand on them. As said Emil did some intervals and I kept his wheel while he did them and it felt nice cruising in 35 40km/h without a too big effort. On a couple of downhills when the pace went up I got feeling and a little.

I’m not saying the battle is simple. There are changes you will need to make to get better, just like anyone with a chronic illness must make. You may need to make lifestyle changes, you may need therapy to change your thinking patterns, you may need to take daily medications, you might need to work on your relationships and you might need a full blown health overhaul if unhealthy habits are contributing to your depression.

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In life, a mulligan is the opportunity to make a different choice. We can’t un do or re do what’s done, but we can get a second chance to make a different choice, to choose a different path, to explore a different possibility. When we flub something, we wish we had a chance to do it over.

Thus Alger and portfolio manager Seilai Khoo, 32, disagree with the many investment forecasters, including MONEY’s Michael Sivy, who think the stock market will stall this year. To the contrary, say Alger and Khoo, the Dow will top 6000 by year end. And they believe there are fast growing companies in several industries, including health care and technology, that could rack up even bigger gains in 1996.