The district has already made about $133 million in cuts since the state’s budget crisis began unfolding nearly a year ago.As people arrived at the Annie Oakley Drive campus, district staff handed out packets with an outline of the proposed cuts, along with two small slips of paper. The blue slip was for writing down their first choice of program or service they wanted to keep, and the yellow slip was for listing what they were willing to lose.Collection boxes, with a district employee keeping watch, waited on a table underneath a basketball hoop.Clark County Schools Superintendent Walt Rulffes went over the results of a recent parent survey, which gave the district a glimpse of people’s priorities. While 711 responses might not sound like much in a district with 308,000 students, it’s consistent with prior surveys, includes a cross section of demographic groups and is considered a reasonable barometer of public opinion, Rulffes said.In the survey, parents said the top five items the district should protect were athletics ($6.3 million), extracurricular activities ($5.2 million), special education facilitators ($12.9 million), custodial services for schools ($754,000 for every 1 percent reduction in force, or 15 positions) and keeping class sizes smaller in grades 1 3 ($15.6 million).First to go, the parents said, should be extra deans and assistant principals at middle and high schools ($2.7 million), the empowerment schools program ($1.7 million), an early retirement incentive program for employees ($2.5 million), services provided by the five geographic region offices and paid preparation time for department chairs at the high schools.The empowerment schools program has been something of a pet project for Rulffes.

If you notice a red line under your skin (kind of looks like a red vein), see your doctor immediately. This means that you have an infection. Other signs of infection include pus coming from the wound or warmth or swelling around the injured area. Sobering thoughts crossed my mind as I listened. I was reminded of God’s warning that we will face the end of this life sooner or later, that we will go so far in this life and no farther. But it was the warnings against the jubilance being displayed in some parts of our country that really caught my ear at the time..

It’s not the highest [biggest shock in terms of difference in size of the clubs] but it would have been the biggest. I can’t speak highly enough of my players. We’ve come up against a class team, a class club and a class manager.”. 7: two touchscreen cellphones valued at $200 stolen from home; case inactive. Sept. 7: break in at residence reported; no items listed as stolen; 41 year old man arrested and charged with two charges of misdemeanor breaking or entering.