Flynn presents the novel through multiple character views/voices. When I first started to read Dark Places, I will admit I had a bit of a struggle to keep track of who was saying what. However, once I had read at least one chapter from every character, it became easier to see the differences in the writing and personalities that shone through Flynn writing, identifying the uniqueness of each character.

As they do every other day, employees at the Santa Ana Zoo showed up early on July 28, 2018, to get ready for the public to arrive. This time, however, something was amiss. Lemurs and capuchin monkeys were wandering loose, strolling the lush grounds of the zoo in California’s Orange County like small furry tourists.

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“I have no problem with what LeBron said,” Barkley said. “I don’t overreact. I’m not going to say anything bad about him, or personal. Now that the morphine is running strong, he pops up out of his chair with the nervous energy of a teenager, but still he walks like a creaky old man. Over the course of his life, during which he’s raced bicycles and played polo, Baker has broken most of his ribs, mangled one of his arms and had his front teeth smashed in. He was recently diagnosed with a degenerative spine condition and the onset of emphysema.