Okay. Hi again! 2 days ago I posted asking what your thoughts were on Oakley Reed and yesterday I posted asking thoughts on Rhett Carter and everyone was super nice about it even if they didn’t like it so thanks so much! I’m making this poll because almost the same amount of people liked the 2 names and me and DH (dear husband) love both names as well. I don’t actually know which one got more good comments for sure so I thought this would be easier and quicker.

Mabel de Belleme’s iinks with the counts of Toulouse and Barcelona would later be invaluable in settling connections between Mortain and the Languedoc by way of the marriage of Robert’s daughter to the count of Toulouse. On her marriage Roger de Montgomerie gave Matilda as a dowry 32 hides of land in England around Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. After her death at some time between AD1082 and 1084 the lands were given by Robert to Grestain where she was interred..

Chicago police said a fight broke out among a group of young men after the flashing of gang signs. A 14 year old boy and 15 year old boy were stabbed in the upper body. The Chicago Police Department started prepping weeks ago with a targeted sting called Independence.

The ranch has Texas’s only Forbes five star rated restaurant and the prickly pear cactus sorbet turned out to be a delicious revelation. I love to be outdoors, to have my cobwebs blown away by bright sunshine and a warm breeze. But could I cope with doing this while on a horse?.

There were the shift workers on specific corners and I could see them switch out. Then there were the drug addicts that just asked for money straight up. Normally if you look them in the eye, say “I’m sorry, I have nothing for you” before they finish their speech they move on.

We watch sports in shorts, jeans and a T shirt in a bar. That’s sort of my mentality when I talk about it. I’m not into stats, I’m not into analytics, I’m into talking sh .”. Decorative Die Cut Paper Accents 20 Shades of Green Maple LeavesThese colorful shapes are die cut from distinctive Thai s. They are the perfect accent to: invitations lampshades stamp art box making collage book art framing decoupage or whatever your creative mind can imagine. Of course these are ultimate accents for scrapbooking! Colored shapes come 20 per pack metallic shapes 10 per pack.

On April 27, police responded to a residence where an 18 year old wielded a knife while threatening by cop. During the 90 minute stand off, crisis negotiators were called in and the suspect was finally subdued after officers fired a beanbag projectile. The teen later admitted he had use synthetic drugs, according to the city staff report..