My observation from years of experience teaching calculus and mechanics is that every student has a different learning style. In particular, there are “theory people” who need to understand the reasoning behind the concepts first and “practice people” who best understand concepts by looking at worked examples. I was like.

Susan Chait 46. Monique Haas 47. Carrie Phillips 48. Lael Stable’s Exaggerated, a 3 year old daughter of Blame who sold for $250,000 at auction, remained undefeated when she drew away from nine other fillies to win the $60,000 Oakley by 41/2 lengths. Trained by Arnaud Delacour, Exaggerated was ridden to victory by jockey Daniel Centeno, covering a firm 51/2 furlong turf course in 1:02.10. Awake the Day finished second, and Olga Payne was an additional three lengths behind in third..

Radical neo Confederate writing is also directed at Unitarians, the LGBT community, Muslims, Hispanics and others. The publications of pro monument groups such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans incite fear and suspicion for a lengthy list of enemies. We should not be surprised when their publications incite violence and, sadly, we should prepare for more to come..

In the afternoon we’ll go to The Island, a floating beach club in Sydney Harbour, with great music and cocktails. You get there by water taxi from Double Bay and it overlooks the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has a New York vibe, with polished concrete, big arched windows and cool pendant lighting.

I know what she did in the last few minutes of her life. I know what the children did. It is very hard for me to get past that mental image. Most of the action in New Bern happens within the 15 block red bricked historic downtown, lined with shops, restaurants, and bears more than 40 of them decorated by local artists. The animal likeness also adorns the ubiquitous city seal. The symbol comes from New Bern Swiss founder, who named the city after his hometown of Bern, meaning bear (B in German..

On this summer day of 1989, Katharine is sixty nine; the early traces of Alzheimer’s have begun to fray the edges of her attention and intention. For a moment, pausing at the kitchen sink to observe my cousins diving off the dock, she remembers her certainty but forgets its object; for a moment, she thinks she woke, simply, resolved to swim. But, no, no.

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