Look at Ngger for example. That has a very derogatory meaning, but it originally meant black. It was used for many, many years with the obvious connotation, but many argued that its usage was completely benign.. This was one of the least deadly extinctions though as only 60 75% of all animals died during this time. On land the dinosaurs died, in the air the pterosaurs flew into the horizon for the last time, and in the sea plesiosaurs memorialized themselves in the fossil record. Although reptiles had among the highest casualties they didn’t come close to the algae, of which up to 90% of all species ceased to be.

HMD Global has acquired 500 more Nokia design patents from Microsoft, including rights to the much loved Lumia Camera UI. This will allow HMD Global to introduce classic Nokia touches to the phones it now sells under the Nokia brand. Microsoft still owns a considerable amount of Nokia’s intellectual property, including the PureView, PureMotion and ClearBlack features that were used to promote Nokia phones while the company was under Microsoft’s control.

The Health and Human Services Department wants to lift the three month limit on the stopgap plans that President Obama imposed during his last year in office. It is part of Mr. Trump’s effort to extend more affordable options to healthier people who’ve been priced out of the individual market under the Affordable Care Act, after the GOP led Congress failed to repeal and replace the 2010 law..

In his junior year, he rushed for 1,443 yards and 21 touchdowns on 201 carries. In his final year, he rushed for 1,704 yards and 23 touchdowns on 226 carries. Played in 16 basketball games for the Falcons. Special Relativity in part, came about by Einstein considering what a system of electric and magnetic fields looks like to a stationary observer vs. An observer moving relative to that system of fields. The energy contained in the fields must be the same in both reference frames, but the amount of electric vs magnetic changes depending on the motion..

I done several of these catalog rankings before and by the end of it, I usually totally sick of that particular band music. Even if the band is a personal favorite. That wasn a problem with the Allmans. He was born Dec. 16, 1938, in Mount Harris, Colo. A resident for 11 years, he was a bricklayer and a member of Local 226..

Girls can play Little League baseball now, but the kid in the stands keeping the box score, and tallying individual achievements into season slugging percentages, is very likely to be a boy. Turning our pastimes into numbers is a way not only of quantifying but also of justifying them. They acquire an atomic weight; to rank them is to give them solidity, meaning..