Today is saturday and the sun is out once again only a slight chance of rain in the forecast for a few days. While surfing the web I found KienesFly SHOP in the Sacramento area has a pretty good web site, it has a very good variety of topics to search for the type of fish you want to target. Plus it has a store for all your fly fishing needs.

Two of the biggest lottery programs, Powerball and Mega Millions, offer the really huge jackpots, with payouts that you truly could live off of for the rest of your life in millionaire style. The reason the jackpots are so immense is because, for the most part, nobody wins them. Millions and millions of people buying tickets across multiple states, and yet each lottery regularly goes weeks without having a single jackpot winner.

The CIA had determined that in May 1990 Pakistani scientists had succeeded in converting highly enriched uranium from a gas into a heavy metal. The uranium had undergone successive changes, going from gas to pellets to the mold and machined spheres perfect spheres that constituted the cores of atomic bombs. The CIA knew that the cores were then stored near the other components needed to make a complete weapon so the Pakistani bomb could be assembled in as little as three hours at Dalbandin, an airbase in the Baluchistan desert well out of reach of Indian jets.

This increase has come about due to a number of factors including a push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a mild “back to the city” movement, and a need to promote healthy living lifestyles across the country. These factors, as well as some others, have created an increase in bicycling activity and thus an increased demand for good, safe, and convenient bicycling facilities. In an effort to not only create these kinds of facilities but also to promote bicycling with populations who would not be inclined to cycle in mixed traffic such as women, children, and the elderly, dedicated bikeways have started to be constructed at an increasing rate in cities across the United States.This new rise in construction of bicycling facilities is mostly due to an increasing amount of available funds for construction of new bicycling facilities.

Also about watches. I have a garmin Fenix 5S plus and husband has a 2nd gen Apple Watch. Personally I love garmin and would never get an Apple Watch but for basics like mileage/pace. FEATURES:Polyester webbing upper is washable for renewable freshness Metatomical strap design is adjustable for a secure, customizable fit Secure fit lacing system ensures snugness Designed specifically to fit the shape of the female foot Hydrophobic mesh lining wicks away moisture for cool, dry wear Compression molded EVA midsole delivers firm support for a comfortable step Durable outsole grips wet and dry surfaces for traction Weight: 8.8 oz. Size: 9.0. Color: Blue.